Winning the KIP Way with the RSA
August 2, 2019 0

Celebrating with our partners in their achievements is a special experience and great value for the RSA.  We were honored when KIP decided to share their success in manufacturing the company’s 40,000th 7170 Engineering  Printer during our Spring 2019 conference.   At our meeting ,  VP of Sales,  Tim Horn, held an exclusive introductory session for the RSA to announce their new KIP 650 Multi-touch Color Print System. Members attending this session were not only rewarded with being the first in the industry to hear about the 650 but were also enrolled in a chance to win the 40,000th 7170 Engineering Printer.

When John DiCarlo, President of DiCarlo Precision Instrument Inc., first heard of the drawing it was from Horn, himself. As DiCarlo had missed the sign-up during the KIP reception, Horn offered his phone for an online form to be filled out and enter into the drawing. “I submitted my entry and never gave it another thought.” DiCarlo said he went on with the conference thinking he had no chance.  During a break in the RSA University education sessions the following day, a digital raffling system was projected on screen to select the winning RSA member company.  While names were spinning around,  DiCarlo remembers leaning over to an RSA member friend and saying, “that’s really cool.” as the barrel continued to roll.  When the barrel stopped and  member company DiCarlo Precision Instrument was displayed on the screen, he remembers his shock as that friend said “That’s you!”

Excited, and of course honored, to have won the 7170 printer, a BBQ was held at DiCarlo Precision offices in Salisbury, Maryland to celebrate and welcome  their new unit. What they thought would be an ordinary  truck delivery was accentuated by  a personal visit from Horn, to deliver the unit.  Tim flew all the way from Michigan to personally deliver and congratulate the DiCarlo team.   The printer was arrived at DiCarlo still wrapped in the original red bow placed on it by the KIP factory in Japan, where they also celebrated the 40,000th unit. “KIP has been a great partner to us for many years, and to the RSA as well. We always have appreciated their kindness, the culture of their business, and the way they treat us. That’s how our company is, so we like how our companies mesh.” DiCarlo said as he praised Horn for his personal touch and genuine relationship with the company.

As Horn says, they are “excited and honored to be able to share with the RSA and to celebrate with DiCarlo Precision.” The RSA would like to congratulate DiCarlo on their win and KIP on their great accomplishment as well as thank KIP for their extraordinary generosity  and long relationship with the RSA.  The success they have seen through this milestone, and through the giveaway, makes us proud of our special partnership with KIP.

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