Why Direct Mail Is Making A Comeback
September 15, 2022 0

Why Direct Mail Is Making A Comeback

As a printer, part of your business relies on your clients utilizing direct mail. In a digital world, direct mail is the original target marketing tactic that’s been successful in the past and seems to be delivering the goods once again.

When you take a closer look, direct mail can outperform digital marketing in several areas when combined with current market conditions. Let’s take a look:

  • According to an article in AdWeek, digital ads are becoming increasingly ineffective with Firefox and Safari doing away with third-party cookies and Google phasing them out by the end of 2024.
  • Consumers report an increasing amount of media fatigue while the cost of digital ads continues to increase.
  • When traffic is heavy on the highway, you take the road less traveled. Direct mail is the backroad many advertisers are turning to on a regular basis.
  • MarketResearch reports that after lockdowns in 2020, consumers are spending 36 seconds more looking at their mail during the week. That number jumps to 7 minutes and 12 seconds longer on the weekends.
  • Innovations in automating campaigns include sending mail follow up pieces when individuals leave a website without buying or abandon their shopping carts online.

Direct mail is performing better than ever, and it drives engagement rates. Data collected is proving this point. This is an important selling  point when approaching both clients and prospects—you can solve the problem of new customers by helping them initiate comprehensive direct mail programs.

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