Who Ya Gonna Call? The RSA!
May 4, 2020 0

If you have been following our social media outlets, then you know there are many values we find important in the RSA.  The foremost of these being the power of our network.  As we strive to be #MoreThanRepro, we also strive to be an organization that our customers can turn to and trust. So when graphic design consultant Rubi Velasquez came to us with a deadline constrained job in another city, we knew just how to guide her in the right direction.

Recently, a client of Rubi Design Studio, was traveling from their home base in Dallas, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia for an upcoming convention. Once there, the client realized they needed one of Velasquez’ designs printed in large format for the following day’s event. “Instead of calling printers all over Atlanta, I contacted Kevin Howes of the Reprographic Services Association and asked who he knew.” Our Executive Director, contacted Atlanta based RSA Member Bob Feldberg of Repro Products/The Color Spot late in the evening on the Friday before the job was due. Bob immediately coordinated the request with son Michael of The Color Spot and they were able to produce the job first thing Monday morning in time for the client’s convention. Velasquez remembers being very impressed with how quickly they were able to get production going.

This dedication to the client and RSA member capabilities are indicative of RSA culture and the power of our network. The RSA is not just for reprographic companies wanting to join our network, but for print customers who want to connect to a powerful network with a can-do attitude and who can be trusted to get the job done. Velasquez “appreciates the advantages this organization and its members offer in large format printing along with the professionalism of this reliable network.”

When our values match our client’s needs, that’s where you realize the Power of the RSA Network. The RSA is truly #MoreThanRepro because of our network and our capabilities. Though we are large and widespread across North America, we are also local and just around the corner.

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