The Power of the RSA is More Than Repro
October 31, 2018 0

When the collaborative efforts of the RSA and its members become the real superheroes.

In 2017 6 year old Xavier Marconi was diagnosed with severe epilepsy oftentimes experiencing up to 100 seizures a day, which requires brain surgery this coming Friday, November 2, 2018 at the Akron Children’s Hospital.  As personal friends of Xavier’s parents Alex and Mandy, the kind and ever humble Mark Langdon and his wife Dawn saw  an opportunity to turn this into a positive experience for young Xavier by arranging for Superman, Xavier’s favorite superhero, to visit him at home; as you can see from the  video and photos this really made Xavier’s day!

Like in every Superman story, a bit of Kryptonite was preventing the Man of Steel from saving Xavier’s day in Akron because Mark’s Eastern Engineering graphics shop is located in Indianapolis.   Undaunted by this challenge, Mark harnessed the power of the RSA  by commissioning a Superman cut out to be created by another Superhero and fellow RSA member Kevin Anderson from S.E. Blue in Cleveland Ohio.  Kevin and his sidekick Craig were more than happy to make Xavier’s dream of meeting Superman a reality, by printing the Superhero cut out in all of its glory and delivering Superman to Xavier at his home in Akron.

This is the real human power, value and benefit of the RSA.  Xavier’s favorite superhero may be Superman, but the RSA and its members are the real superheroes.  Dawn and Mark Langdon wish to express a very special thanks to Kevin Anderson and his team of superheroes at SE Blue in Cleveland for saving the day and bringing happiness to a little superhero named Xavier who is fighting his own health nemesis on a daily basis.

Join us in sending positive thoughts and well wishes for a speedy recovery to our friend Xavier as he undergoes surgery this Friday.

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