RSA Members Showcase Success
June 7, 2019 0

On May 21st and May 22nd, RSA member, R.S. Knapp Co. held their 2019 Global Technology Expo. This two day event was located at NAPCO’s Headquarters location just a few miles from New York City and showcased 3D Scanning, automated digital document management, color documents in the safe workplace and collaboration tools for great efficiency. Over 70 people from 40 separate companies and several traveling from out of state were in attendance. Key vendors presenting their technology solutions included Canon, Canon Solutions America (Oce), Epson, HP National Azon and Synnex Corporation.

Continuing industry education was also a cornerstone of this event. The 3D scanner manufacturers, Leica, offered four representatives to attend the event and assist in demonstrations. Fellow RSA member Repro Products was also in attendance to better explain software capabilities by taking files from the scanner to bring into design software.

Sales operations manager, Keith McHugh, noted the company found great success with this two-day event as attendees were able to learn more about new technologies serving the AEC industry. “Several clients operate with R.S. Knapp on one level, through one product or service. However, after the expo these same clients found that we can offer them a more integrated approach with their clients through our portfolio of technology solutions.” To learn more about R.S. Knapp Co. and the other product solutions they offer, follow the link below.

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