Make Money With Matterport Webinar
August 19, 2022 0
  • Topline Talking PointsHere’s a brief summary of the webinar on Tuesday, August 16. Listen to the full recording.
    • Southeast Blueprint uses Matterport
    • Mike Gowan, Kevin Anderson presented the webinar
    • Main points regarding a new revenue stream for all printers:
      • AEC is your customer base
      • You can sell the Matterport equipment as you use it
      • You can also use the Matterport and sell the reality you capture
      • Plus you’re added to their directory which will help you gain customers in your area
    • Lots of additional equipment you can purchase and your customers can buy from you.
    • Matterport demonstrates how to plan your shoot
    • Also, provides you with tips for a successful shoot i.e. things to look out for when shooting
    • The Matterport equipment and services are a great sell-in to the following markets:
      • Real estate developers and agents
      • Home builders and remodelers
      • Historical preservation societies and museums
      • Insurance companies
      • Senior living centers and medical
      • Any hospitality business—restaurants, retail
      • Architects and interior designers

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