It’s Easy To Create A New 3D Revenue Stream
May 20, 2022 0

It’s Easy To Create A New 3D Revenue Stream

Webinar Recap

On Tuesday, May 17 Charlie Matlin from Direct Dimensions conducted an information-packed webinar for RSA member companies emphasizing how to leverage 3D laser scanning. This webinar is an AIA-approved continuing education course for architects and construction professionals.

Basics were provided on how to use 3D laser scanning to create new opportunities for print service providers. Direct Dimensions is a long-time reseller of a wide range of 3D scanners, digitizers, handheld tools, backpack scanners and more along with drone service for survey inspections.

The full webinar is available on the RSA website in the library. Just click here.

Here’s the topline recap:

  • Direct Dimensions provides the Pointcloud that visualizes all measurements of target—you can manipulate it and change things. The Pointcloud will have almost all details included.
    • 3D scanners can provide basic measurements, modeling creation and analysis (plumbness, flatness).
    • The benefits of providing this type of service or equipment:
      • It’s accurate, easy, safe, improved on-site access to get to things you can’t see.
      • As-built conditions—full documentation of current conditions, legacy plans and drawings not as accurate as a 3D scan.
      • Provides your client with a digital record they can use for clash detection—can tell owner where they can put things in the building.
      • Contains cost, improves bid accuracy with more accurate data.
      • Assures system tie-ins and verify construction against design.
    • Ideas to use to attract your customers and prospects to this type of service:
      • Scan as much or as little and provide the data they need and/or want.
      • 3D scanning can decrease change orders—also good information to use in legal instances to prove your case and verify dimensions.
      • 3D scans of targeted construction sites can take construction project reworks from 12-15% of total budget down to 1-3%.
      • You keep your customer.
      • All modeling of your data is done in house—nothing is shipped overseas.
      • Everything is archived in perpetuity.
    • Here’s how to start selling 3D scanning to your customers and prospects:
      • Organize a webinar to sell the equipment into qualified customers and prospects
      • Understand the features and benefits
      • Establish talking points
      • Develop your assessment process
      • Generate and submit your proposal
      • Manage the project to completion

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