How RSA Members Are Managing In A COVID-19 World
July 31, 2020 0

First In A Series—

Monster Color, a Division of Lynn Imaging, Pivots Into Directional Signage

The world has changed drastically since March, but RSA member companies are showing what they’re made of by how they’re handling business during a pandemic.

Lynn Imaging’s Monster Color in Lexington, Kentucky has learned how to direct their efforts to a more consultative side of the business by working closely with clients to provide them with social distancing signage, floor stickers, countertop sneeze guards and directional signage. And they had to be ready to move fast to meet their client’s needs.

J.L. Lynn, Chairman and CEO of Lynn Imaging, serves on a local nursing home board of directors. He heard from the nursing home staff that they needed PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to protect themselves and the residents from the COVID-19 virus.

In response, J.L. transformed their current equipment at Monster Color to produce PPE face shields for the nursing home staff to use. Click here to learn more about the needs met at this nursing home. The news traveled fast and other clients have called on Monster Color to provide consulting services (both onsite and virtually) to help other companies protect their employees and customers. Since then, Monster Color has created and printed signage, directional floor graphics and other items to help their clients maintain social distancing and create a safe working environment for everyone.

Monster Color is also working closely with their current client list of hospitals, retail spaces, restaurants, dentists and others to make sure their signage is up to these standards as well. Joanne, Manager at Monster Color, said, “We want our clients to be able to reopen their businesses – and a key part of this is that they are able to open with safety measures in place, that are well thought out. Having signage in the store is key. Signs help keep aisles one-way to avoid over-crowding, close off sections and maintain social distancing so people don’t just feel safe – they are safe.

When the governor determines its safe for business to reopen in Kentucky, we know that companies will need signs – and fast. That’s why Monster Color has launched an online store— —to help their existing clients and new customers quickly find the most appropriate signage needed to be open for business and succeed at it during these challenging times.

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