How RSA Members Are Managing In A COVID-19 World-Franz Reprographics Pivots On The Fly
August 18, 2020 0

Second in A Series—

The world has changed drastically since March, but RSA member companies are showing what they’re made of by how they’re handling business during a pandemic.

Bruce Franz, Vice President at Franz Reprographics compares his business philosophy over the past few months to being an athlete because they know how to adapt and change while embracing a positive outlook. So does a good businessperson.

That’s how Franz Reprographics has adjusted to the current business climate. One tactic he points to is the development of the Franz Repro e-store over the past 18-months. “I’m glad we made that choice. We can develop relationships with our customers online through emails and phone calls.”

Their e-store is multi-faceted and doesn’t rely on any one aspect of their business too heavily. Bruce says their business now is a bit of a hybrid. Sure, he still has salespeople, but he also sells everything online as well. He sells his safety wear, COVID-19 related products, inks and paper on Amazon and through his e-store, making it a seamless portal to all his products. And he can continue to nurture his customers using his online store.

His second tactic to managing his business this year? His entire company has taken on a consultancy mindset. They no longer sell within a narrow construct but work to provide solutions, ideas and new products to make life easier for their customers.

An example? He now supplies private label hand sanitizer to all his customers. This idea came from a visit from a hand sanitizer manufacturer who called him to print labels for his company. They talked and came up with the idea to repackage small bottles of hand sanitizer and customize the labels for each of Franz Repro’s clients.

The idea of customized bottles of hand sanitizer was appealing to one of his largest clients—Luther Automotive with showrooms across several states. This in turn led to floor stickers, signage, employee posters, COVID-19 posters, hand cleaning procedure posters and unique directional floor signage that includes an elongated floor sticker that attracts attention.  Bruce says, “I attribute the success we found with this client to one thing: we became a valued consultant to the owner who recognized they needed an outside printing company to help keep their business protected.”

Bruce concisely sums it up with this: “We were selling products like indoor wall décor and vehicle wraps. Now we’re selling signage, floor stickers and all sorts of printed materials. But it’s customized now to each individual customer—their logo, their brand colors. It’s because we care.”

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