Former Springfield Blueprint Owner Chronicled In New York Times
February 5, 2021 0

Chuck McCann said this about his father Gordon, “Music has always been his passion. Music and history.” And that’s how he found his way into this New York Times article.  Gordon McCann is considered an expert in a specific genre of bluegrass music particular to the Ozark area in Missouri.  He’s also the retired owner of Springfield Blueprint, an RSA member.

According to his son Chuck (the current owner of Springfield Blueprint) his Dad, in his spare time, was always involved in his music and the history of the area.  Between running his blueprint business and raising his family, Gordon McCann has become an expert in bluegrass music with Scotch-Irish roots. He has traveled the country speaking about the origins of the music, playing the music and just plain enjoying himself.

As a history major, Gordon took over the business around 1954 from his father who started it in 1930. He retired 15 years ago, and Chuck says “It was good for him and good for me. He worked there all his life.” Chuck says his 89-year-old Dad has been relatively healthy but has had a few strokes.  His music friends came to visit him in the hospital to play for him after his first stroke and that seemed to speed his recovery.

When asked if he plays like his Dad, Chuck McCann quips, “I play golf.”

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