March 19, 2021 0

The Z Series from Canon took center stage at the webinar on Thursday where almost fifty attendees from the RSA were given their first real look at the newest in the imagePROGRAF line.  All of the executives from Canon Solutions were present – Amit Bagchi, Rich Reamer, and Brian Coombs presented along with Rich Gigl from National Azon as moderator.

Some of the highlights of the Z Series presentation included:

  • The new line was started 2 years ago at the request of many distributors in the U.S. market.
  • Canon has demonstrated this model in over 100 sneak peeks across the country and incorporated feedback into the product and marketing materials.
  • The Z line is classified as a heavy production CAD model but has the versatility to deliver anywhere on the spectrum of printing needs—from technical drawings to color-rich posters.

Brian Coombs explained that while there are commonalities between each series, there are some serious differences:

  • Three-drawers that open in front for roll substrates means easy access to save space, especially when printing non-traditional substrates.
    • The two roll drawers feature slide-on spindles for time-saving loading and closes automatically.
  • The new ergonomically-designed 48” stacker benefits anyone with space concerns. One foot was shaved off the back and they moved the stacker to the top.
  • The scanner has been completely redesigned with a larger screen and it’s easy to install.

Some of the other benefits include a wide range of marketing collateral that can be customized to meet your prospect’s needs as well as advanced security features.  Pricing will be available between April 1 and April 15.

If you’re interested in more information regarding “speeds & feeds” and other production details, they will be conducting virtual webinar demonstrations in April. A recording of this webinar will be available soon and Rich Gigl from National Azon will always be available to help you customize your presentations and he will be releasing new marketing materials.

It was an outstanding webinar by Canon and if you can, catch the recording to learn more.

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