Exclusive markets. Camaraderie and collaboration. National buying power. Access to Technology. Learning opportunities.

RSA members tell us what they value about the Reprographic Services Association is that our organization delivers on the true meaning of a cooperative – marked by a willingness to work together toward a common goal and operating for the benefit of those it serves.

We strive to help all the members enhance, improve and optimize business performance is all critical operational areas.

Our Dedicated Team

Meeting all the needs of the diverse membership is important to RSA. That is why RSA has assembled a talented team of individuals who are experts in the reprographic industry and are always prepared to assist members in improving operational efficiencies, enhancing business practices and gaining more market share. Whether it is vendor relationship building, advocacy for contract and negotiations, or training on new products or emerging technology, the RSA team is ready to serve.

Stephanie Shark - Executive Director

Kevin Howes - Executive Director (Outgoing)

Kellie Kleinz - Executive Administrator

Lynn Dunn - Member Services